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All businesses benefit from diversity of both skill and perspective and Validatum® is no exception. So at our request some of the profession’s leading lights in their respective fields have graciously agreed to associate themselves with and support what we are endeavouring to do to help the private practice arm of the legal profession. We are indebted to them, and our client offerings are the richer for their input.

  • Ranked as a 'Leading Individual' in both Chambers and the Legal 500' and widely respected in legal circles in the City, Mike heads the Charity & Not-for-Profit team at Charles Russell Speechlys, a UK top 25 law firm. He is also a former chairman of the board of legacy firm Charles Russell.

    He specialises in company commercial work, especially private companies internationally owned or active overseas, companies limited by guarantee and chartered bodies, charity and sports related transactions.

    Mike has considerable experience in dealing with all issues surrounding charitable and other not-for-profit organisations.

    Mike is the former Secretary General of the Association of European Lawyers.

  • Professor Dominic Regan is a special advisor to Lord Justice Sir Rupert Jackson, architect of the UK legal civil costs reforms, one of the foremost speakers on costs and dispute resolution and a special adviser to the Association of Costs Lawyers.

    Professor Regan has advised Lord Justice Jackson on costs budgeting and management and he has worked closely with HH Judge Simon Brown QC who pioneered active case/costs management.

    One of his recent projects entailed advising a magic circle firm on costs arguments in the largest construction dispute in English legal history.

    The lawyers' lawyer, Dominic provides advice to a number of Government departments including the Ministry of Defence and HM Revenue and Customs.

    A much sought-after speaker nationally and internationally, he is often booked up to two years ahead.

    "The greatest living authority on Part 36. Awesome". HH Judge Michael Cook.

  • Lesley Wan plays a senior leadership role at Lloyds Banking Group PLC (LBG), one of Europe's largest banking groups, where she has been Counsel to the Corporate Real Estate business for over nine years.

    She has established a solid reputation as an innovative and dynamic lawyer, and is recognised for her ground breaking work in bringing banks and the legal profession together to agree common protocols in the real estate finance industry; for creating simple but effective processes to manage legal risk; and for being the driving force behind the launch of the Loan Market Association's pathfinder loan facility agreement for the real estate finance market in the UK (the LMA is the authoritative voice of the European market).

    Lesley has a depth of experience that transcends various technical sectors, including, leveraged, project and real estate finance law and the loan markets. She is also experienced in leading significant change management programs at the bank. Lesley is regularly sought out to chair, and is herself a regular panelist on a wide range of technical and market conferences; and is also a judge for various legal awards in recognising the achievements of law firms and lawyers in the legal profession.

    She is a fierce champion for several charitable causes including Through The Looking Glass (City of London professional work experience for disadvantaged young people), and Suited & Booted (a City based charity set up to help vulnerable men and men on low incomes source suits for interviews). A huge advocate for progression of women in the workplace, she created the successful "Breakthrough Mentoring" program for LBG that has grown to over 10,000 members.

    Prior to joining LBG, Lesley worked in several private practice roles, including at Allen & Overy and Norton Rose in London and at Russell McVeagh in New Zealand.

  • Martyn is Chief Executive of Burcher Jennings and was a co founder of the original Jennings Legal Services, which he helped to established in 1989. He has been an equity partner in private practice and has played a key role in the development of the innovative national legal costs and pricing consultancy that is today known as Burcher Jennings.

    Martyn's experience is fairly unique in that it combines both the commercial and the legal. He has worked across a broad spectrum of practice areas, from civil and family law, through to property, and this has allowed him to gain a perspective of the sector that is both broad and deep. Martyn helped to grow Jennings Legal Services (later named Jennings Costs Consultants) to one of the UK's Top costs drafting firms and, three years ago, established debt recovery specialists Jennings Law LLP. His expertise with respect to seeking out innovative solutions that enable law firms to respond to the changing landscape of legal costs and debt recovery is well-established.

    As a client facing CE, Martyn is very focused on high quality working relationships, which he believes have been fundamental to Burcher Jennings becoming a market leading practice. This is combined with recognition that the business must also nurture its own internal structure to ensure continued excellence in service delivery. As a result, the firm has opened new offices in London and Exeter and periodically recruits hand picked talent to broaden the scope of its offering even further.

  • Independent legal thought leader and advocate for social and organisational fairness, Professor Stephen Mayson advises law firms around the world on issues of strategy, economics, ownership and valuation.

    Strategist, independent legal thought leader and advocate for social and organisational fairness, Professor Stephen Mayson helps organisations make difficult decisions in times of structural or industry change. Famed for his unique perspective and sense of justice, Stephen is valued most of all for his ability to guide his clients in the right direction.

    Stephen has a particular interest in the reconfiguration of the legal world being driven by competition and the Legal Services Act 2007, while maintaining a firm belief in the need for professional ethics and integrity in business. Stephen is known for having an independent mind, and now divides his time among policy work, and non-executive and advisory appointments.

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