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Very proud of our latest fantastic student looking to rocket her firm into the future on pricing - Janna Beattie at Lewis Rice in St Louis, Missouri. Take a look at this 2-minute interview with Janna Beattie, Revenue Cycle Manager, Lewis Rice, LLC, St. Louis, Missouri...

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When did you get started in the legal profession?

I joined Lewis Rice 11 years ago. I started as a biller and within a few years began assisting with new business intake and conflicts. I have been provided with great opportunities to evolve and develop professionally, including working on the migration of our practice management system to Elite 3E.

Tell us a bit about your firm?

The firm was founded in downtown St. Louis, Missouri in 1909 so there is a great sense of history and continuity within the firm. We have around 170 attorneys spread across our offices in St Louis and Kansas City. There is a great culture in the firm and a very low staff turnover. My 11 years has gone by very quickly.

What prompted you to enroll in the Legal Pricing Academy?

There has been a recognition amongst the firm’s leadership that pricing is no longer as straightforward as it used to be. It is a key contributor to the firm's financial performance and is obviously a key element of the relationship with our clients. So, we want to ensure that pricing best practice is embedded in the firm's operations and our attorneys have greater confidence and more tools to engage in that aspect of the conversation with our clients.

Was enrolling in the Legal Pricing Academy your initiative or was it suggested to you?

I am very interested in developing my capabilities around pricing and the contribution that I can make to the firm's well-being. The firm's chief financial officer noticed the recent publicity around the launch of the LPA and strongly encouraged me to enroll. I have completed the Introduction to Legal Pricing module and I’m part way through the Introduction to Legal Procurement. The content is fascinating and really practical.

How do you see your role in pricing evolving within the firm?

This is a really exciting opportunity for me because I've been asked to help improve the firm's approach to pricing. It won't happen overnight. It will be an iterative process. My background in the finance team and my ability to analyze data and draw actionable insights from that data means that I'm in a good position to be able to help attorneys define the parameters of their negotiations. Attorneys are much more comfortable with an evidence-based discussion and if I can give them the insights to help them then I'm doing my job.

April 7, 2019

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