Thought leadership is not about repurposing others’ material but constantly producing our own. This enables us to test new concepts, challenge the status quo and constantly seek to improve upon processes and methods. That’s why publishing relevant, actionable content is vitally important to us. We produce an award-winning pricing blog and provide our subscribers with quality, curated content from around the globe. We are regularly commissioned to produce articles for the profession’s pre-eminent publications including Managing Partner, Global Lawyer, Commonwealth Law Journal, The Times (London) and the Pricing Journal.

“My focus at Managing Partner magazine is to deliver high-quality content which pushes management thinking and best practice forward in law firms. I have worked with Richard Burcher since 2013 to develop thought leadership content on pricing strategies and I look forward to continuing to do so.” - Manju Manglani, Editor, Managing Partner

Melbourne & Brisbane Seminars - 10 & 15 October: Getting Your Pricing Right

Two joint Validatum–Beaton Capital Australian seminars will release to the small and mid-tier law firm market in Australia, the LegalDatum cloud-based resource that will provide law firms with reliable market data about what their competitors are charging and how...

Legacy Posts September 18, 2013

Cost Consciousness: The Missing Link

The great majority of practitioners have not discovered cost consciousness. Yet, of all the client service attributes we measure amongst the clients of law firms in our Beaton Benchmarks studies, it stands out head and shoulders in importance – and neglect by solicitors.

September 16, 2013

Legal Pricing: Stop Using The ‘C’ Word!

“This is a commodity business. In a commodity business, you have little or no control over pricing. The only thing you can control is your costs.” No, these are not the words of a besieged law firm managing partner but those of a misguided Wall Street analyst making a comment about the losses at U.S. Steel...

Legacy Posts July 15, 2013

Hands-off Pricing Leadership Produces Lousy Outcomes

The pricing function in most law firms is something of an orphan. No-one knows who it belongs to so it ends up belonging to no-one. Individual department heads and fee earners make decisions on the fly with little regard to the firms’ pricing policies, processes and protocols....

Legacy Posts June 07, 2013

Unbundling: The New/Old Kid On The Block

Unbundling as a service delivery and price modulation strategy is as old as the hills; for everyone but law firms. It is another example of how our pricing epiphany is most other goods or service providers old rubbish wrappings. Still, let's get on with it as it can be a good pricing option...

Legacy Posts May 17, 2013

New Research: Client Attitudes to Pricing Commercial Disputes

Independently-conducted research recently commissioned by London-based European law firm Field Fisher Waterhouse, reveals growing interest across Europe in finding new ways to pay for legal advice in high-value disputes. In particular, it showed....

Legacy Posts April 13, 2013

Pricing & Trust: A Loveless Marriage

We are long overdue for lawyers and clients to work together more collaboratively in order to take the relationship to a more grown-up place and away from the current paradigm which is at times redolent of a couple of pre-schoolers sitting in a day-care sandpit flicking errant dog poop...

Legacy Posts March 31, 2013

I Want a Discount! That’s Nice, Do You Really?

When an in-house or other regular client asks you to “cut your fees,” you want to make sure you’re hearing what they’re asking for. I’d begin any response to such a question by asking what they hope to accomplish. Turn that request for a cut in fees into an opportunity to...

Legacy Posts March 14, 2013

Lawyers, Pricing & Horse Meat – You Get What You Pay For

There wouldn't be too many people who remain oblivious to the global coverage of the ‘horse meat burger patties’ furore unfolding in the UK; the widespread clandestine and probably criminal dilution/contamination of processed beef products with up to...

Legacy Posts March 01, 2013

Merger Parties & Their Orphan…Pricing

Law firms contemplating or in the throes of a merger, ignore or pay scant attention to harmonising the two firms pricing cultures, governance, analytics and execution at their peril. Synthesising two law firms represents a huge challenge, even if the Balance Sheet and P&L are in harmony....

Legacy Posts February 05, 2013

Pricing: You Made a Pig’s Ear of That! Let’s Celebrate

Nobody wants to fail or likes doing so, least of all highly competitive, risk and failure averse, ‘alpha’ personalities that exist in abundance in our profession. Yet that is exactly what needs to occur if, as individuals and collectively as a firm, we aspire to....

Legacy Posts January 28, 2013

So, You're Going To Nail The Pricing Business This Year?

The road to hell is, so the saying goes, paved with good intentions. Firms often know that pricing is something that they need to address, but aren’t quite sure where to start. Or, there have been a number of false starts, leaving the firms’ lawyers...

Legacy Posts January 07, 2013

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