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Our Managing Director, Richard Burcher is highly sought after as a dynamic, thought provoking yet entertaining keynote speaker. A powerful, compelling and optimistic keynote address can set the tone for an entire event whether it is a half day away-day, or a two day remote venue conference. Keynote speakers carry a huge responsibility. Using an internationally renowned speaker guarantees a vibrant and stimulating start to your event. Here is a small sample of the great feedback we have received from England, Ireland, Scotland, United States, Australia and New Zealand...


Richard was the keynote speaker at our Partner Leadership Group conference in Birmingham in September 2017.

His session on Pricing Psychology was undoubtedly one of the highlights of the day. Richard was able to directly relate to his audience, speaking to the topics and challenges they face on a regular basis. His insights were fascinating and valuable, drawing on both his own extensive experience and thorough external research.

The content struck a good balance between the theoretical and the highly practical. As a speaker he is engaging, credible, welcomes input and challenge, and is wholly prepared to challenge back, all in the name of furthering the education of the group.

Jay Lutwyche
Head of Development, Shakespeare Martineau, Birmingham, UK


I first heard Richard speak at our 2017 partners’ retreat, where he was our keynote speaker on the topic of pricing. He is the first (and possibly only) speaker who has managed to engage the entire partnership, for an entire day. He brought to the topic of pricing a pragmatism rarely seen, and somewhat surprisingly, humour. Richard’s ideas were fresh, sensible and very importantly about shared value, not a race to be the cheapest.

As requested by the partners following the conference, Richard has since come into the firm to run a series of pricing workshops for partners and senior lawyers working in different sectors or practice teams. We have seen broad uptake of his ideas, with virtually no prodding from management, and a fabulous level of sharing of ideas and successes based on the adoption of his pricing strategies. Richard is someone who I am sure we will continue to work with for many years.

Michelle Dixon, Partner and CEO, Maddocks, Melbourne, Australia


Richard Burcher was a keynote speaker at the American Legal Marketing Association’s annual P3 conference in Chicago in May 2018.

The event was attended by over 450 of the leading US law firm pricing and related professionals from the Amlaw 100. Richard’s session on Pricing Psychology: Why We Leave Money on the Table was the highest rated out of the more than 40 or professional development sessions.

Feedback included; “An absolute eye-opener. The best session of the 2-day conference” - Justin Ergler, Global Director of Alternative Fee Intelligence & Analytics, Glaxo Smithkline.

Bowmans Logo

We invited Richard Burcher to our annual Partners Conference this year.

It was a two-day event for all of our partners across our 6 offices in the 4 jurisdictions in which we operate. A key focus for the conference was pricing, and Richard was selected as our lead facilitator and presented a number of sessions on the topic.

The content was highly relevant and well timed, given the increasing downward pricing pressure experienced in the legal market. Richard was able to articulate key principles clearly, and in a form that was enabling and immediately actionable. The overall feedback from the conference participants was excellent. Some feedback includes:

  • ‘Richard Burcher was thought provoking and a highlight of this year’s Partner Conference. His insights were thought provoking and his experience of the legal market was clear’
  • ‘Richard’s themes were clear and well defined. I particularly found his ideas around smart billing/fee estimates very useful’
  • ‘Topics were fresh, relevant to all and immediately actionable, Five stars!’
  • ‘The content and facilitation were excellent and pitched at the right level. The best conference in terms of content that I have attended!’

Alan Keep, Managing Partner, Bowmans (Johannesburg)

Faegre Baker Daniels

"We partnered with Validatum® to deliver a custom pricing workshop at our annual partner retreat.

Richard worked with us to tailor his material to our needs and delivered an engaging primer on pricing dynamics.

His fascinating material on pricing psychology and buyer behaviour was a particular highlight."

Steven R Petrie, Chief Strategy & Operations Officer, Faegre Baker Daniels (Minneapolis, USA)

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The coming together of these 3 power-house firms has enabled us to create something truly revolutionary. I have no doubt that Virtual Pricing Director® is going to drastically alter, for the good, the way lawyers price-up work” Richard Burcher, Managing Director, Validatum®, Chairman, Virtual Pricing Director® & Legal Pricing Academy®


Whether you are just starting out on your pricing career or are already highly experienced, whether you want to undertake some ‘light-touch’ professional development or aspire to the pinnacle of Certified Legal Pricing Professional, the Legal Pricing Academy® can help you achieve your goals” Richard Burcher, Managing Director, Validatum®, Chairman, Virtual Pricing Director® & Legal Pricing Academy®