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“My focus at Managing Partner magazine is to deliver high-quality content which pushes management thinking and best practice forward in law firms. I have worked with Richard Burcher since 2013 to develop thought leadership content on pricing strategies and I look forward to continuing to do so.” - Manju Manglani, Editor, Managing Partner

Run it Past the Firms’ Pricing Manager - 'The Firms’ What?'

As pricing analysis, policy and strategy becomes increasingly important for firms competitiveness and profitability, they are looking for increased expertise in the area, new breed is very slowly emerging – the Pricing Manager/Pricing Director.

Legacy Posts July 21, 2012

‘Value Pricing’ – Capitalist Acts Between Consenting Adults

'Value Billing' is variously described as ‘what the client will stand’, ‘hourly billing plus some more’, ‘ask the client what they think it is worth’ etc. However, there is no future for any pricing regime that lacks integrity, honesty and rigor.

Legacy Posts July 13, 2012

What Distinquishes Top Price Negotiators From the Rest? - Mindset

Many firms believe that they go into client price negotiations well prepared. Maybe this is true in terms of the offering itself (a moot point perhaps) but as often as not, they go into those discussions ill-prepared in terms of their mindset.

Legacy Posts July 08, 2012

I Don’t Give a Tinkers Cuss About Value – I Just Want the Lowest Price!

Firms are struggling to deal with commercial clients such as banks and other large corporates who at least outwardly eschew all attempts to develop a relationship, add value and differentiate the offering. Price is all that matters.

Legacy Posts June 24, 2012

Barristers & Pricing: ‘My Clerk Handles Such Matters’

The independent Bar has perhaps been slower than other parts of the profession to adapt to evolving pricing trends. Yet, therein lies a valuable opportunity for innovative and inventive chambers to ‘steal a march’ on their more orthodox colleagues.

Legacy Posts June 17, 2012

Pricing and the Need to Rethink Reporting Metrics

Even firms that recognise the need to substantially evolve their pricing attitudes and practices are unwittingly sabotaging those efforts through a failure to reconfigure their internal reporting dashboard to drive different behavior from fee earners.

Legacy Posts June 13, 2012

In-house Counsels’ 5 Pricing Requirements for Law Firms

The relationship between in-house counsel and their external law firms is multifaceted and complex; no aspect of the relationship more so than the pricing element. Here are General Counsels' views on their expectations of law firms on pricing.....

Legacy Posts May 25, 2012

Price Negotiation - Why Would You Bring a Pocket Knife to a Gun Fight?

There is an inescapable irony in the fact that lawyers spend their entire legal career successfully advocating and negotiating on behalf of our clients, yet most are only moderately effective when it comes to negotiating their own fee.

Legacy Posts May 18, 2012

Pricing and The Pavlovian Response

Pricing is customarily seen only in terms of a means to impact turnover and in so doing increase profit. However, confining pricing to this one-dimensional view overlooks other equally valuable strategic uses to which the pricing ‘lever’ can be applied.

Legacy Posts May 07, 2012

Finance Directors - Pricing Messiah or Handbrake?

In contrast with their traditional after-the-event reporting function, law firm and chambers finance directors have an opportunity to reinvent themselves, and materially impact their organisations’ fortunes by facilitating pricing innovation.

Legacy Posts April 29, 2012

Attention General Counsel: Pricing Is A Team Sport, Not A Solo Event

A common refrain from law firms is that in-house lawyers talk about AFAs and value based billing but aren't really interested in concepts such as sharing risk; it's about getting the law firm to do the same work for less cost.

Legacy Posts April 18, 2012

Should We Charge For Paperclips?

It has long been customary for law firms to include a variety of sundry charges at the end of the bill. However, whilst the practice generates additional gross revenue and profit, this may be outweighed by the negative effects on client perception.

Legacy Posts April 10, 2012

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