Thought leadership is not about repurposing others’ material but constantly producing our own. This enables us to test new concepts, challenge the status quo and constantly seek to improve upon processes and methods. That’s why publishing relevant, actionable content is vitally important to us. We produce an award-winning pricing blog and provide our subscribers with quality, curated content from around the globe. We are regularly commissioned to produce articles for the profession’s pre-eminent publications including Managing Partner, Global Lawyer, Commonwealth Law Journal, The Times (London) and the Pricing Journal.

“My focus at Managing Partner magazine is to deliver high-quality content which pushes management thinking and best practice forward in law firms. I have worked with Richard Burcher since 2013 to develop thought leadership content on pricing strategies and I look forward to continuing to do so.” - Manju Manglani, Editor, Managing Partner

Necrotising Fasciitis: The International Law Firm Pricing Dilemma (Part 1)

A common feature of international law firms is a dissonance between the firm’s organisational and operational structures ... internecine price competition and clients feeding on the carcass of a firm with no clear cross-border pricing strategy...

Legacy Posts April 23, 2014

Time to Increase Prices: I Forget, How Do You Do That Again?

With the economy on the upswing, many lawyers are contemplating increasing prices. In many instances, firms and Chambers have held their rates as much as possible and many will not have been able to implement much if any increase over the last...

Legacy Posts April 11, 2014

Pricing & Analytics: Houston, We Have a Problem!

The refrain; "If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there", is essentially a paraphrase of an exchange between Alice and the Cheshire Cat in Lewis Carroll's ‘Alice in Wonderland’. Unfortunately, there are some strong parallels between....

Legacy Posts April 06, 2014

How To Leave Fees on the Table: 21 Things I Must Ignore

The two primary objectives of all pricing decisions by law firms should be to maximise profitability while at the same time ensuring that the pricing structure leaves the client feeling that they have had fair value for money. And yet opportunities to do so continue to be squandered.

Legacy Posts March 16, 2014

Accreditations, Awards, Directories & Pricing - Why Bother?

This blog has its genesis in an angry and heartfelt comment on LinkedIn from a practitioner who was responding to my post that read, “Law Society accredits first law firms to Wills and Inheritance Quality Scheme. Excellent, but will the accredited firms use the accreditation...

Legacy Posts February 18, 2014

'Good Clients': Be Careful What You Wish For!

We all like a ‘good client’, whether it is an existing client, or a big one we hope to land. But what exactly are the attributes of a good client and what do we do about them if they aren't as good as we thought they were? When working with partners on pricing strategy...

Legacy Posts February 10, 2014

Scottish Crofting Law: A Lesson in the Power of Differentiation & Pricing

Over the holiday break I came across two stories that highlight the two sides of long-term profit decline in smaller law firms. One is about poignant failure, the other about success. I want to share both with readers to highlight what...

Legacy Posts January 12, 2014

Managing Partner Magazine: 'Pricing Alchemy'

In a recent survey of general counsel in Australia and New Zealand, just four to six per cent said hourly billing is the optimal method of pricing legal services. When asked which pricing method they would prefer, the general response was a collective shrug of the shoulders...

Legacy Posts December 07, 2013

What Is The Optimal Hourly Rate? One That Doesn't Produce Any Profit

Well, that’s got a really upbeat ring to it! As if legal practice isn’t challenging enough, we are now being told to not make a profit. No, clearly not. This is the further development of one of my core tenets and that is, production costs have absolutely nothing...

Legacy Posts November 23, 2013

"My Precious" - Law Firm Pricing Control

Gollum’s iconic phrase from Lord of The Rings is the theme of this post and pretty much describes the grip that many partners exercise over pricing decisions impacting ‘their’ clients. This gives rise to a broader question; who should control pricing in the firm - partners, marketing, finance or someone else?

Legacy Posts October 27, 2013

Melbourne & Brisbane Seminars - 10 & 15 October: Getting Your Pricing Right

Two joint Validatum–Beaton Capital Australian seminars will release to the small and mid-tier law firm market in Australia, the LegalDatum cloud-based resource that will provide law firms with reliable market data about what their competitors are charging and how...

Legacy Posts September 18, 2013

Cost Consciousness: The Missing Link

The great majority of practitioners have not discovered cost consciousness. Yet, of all the client service attributes we measure amongst the clients of law firms in our Beaton Benchmarks studies, it stands out head and shoulders in importance – and neglect by solicitors.

September 16, 2013

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